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 Attorney Leon Podorowsky as member of the

               1940 Hartford Bar Association




                              ATTORNEY LEON PODOROWSKY

                                 Founding Partner (1940-1995)


Podorowsky Thompson & Baron traces its roots back to 1940 when attorney Leon Podorowsky opened the doors to a small law practice on Hartford's bustling Main Street.  President Franklin Roosevelt was in the White House and the United States had not yet entered World War II.

It was the beginning of a legal career that would span over five decades, outlasting 11 presidential terms.


A courthouse fixture for over half a century, Leon Podorowsky exemplified the ideal of what every attorney should aspire to become.

He was known for saying "My Word is My Bond" and he meant it. 

Not suprisingly, Attorney Podorowsky served as a mentor for many young lawyers, many of which made their own lasting marks in the legal profession.  His well deserved reputation for honesty and integrity was evidenced in the longevity of his career and the loyalty of his clients. It was not uncommon for Leon to represent generations of the same family.  At PT&B, our law offices continue to set forth the vision set forth by our firm's founder so many years ago.

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